Squash Videos from the 2014 British Nationals

Some videos from the 2014 British Nationals. Here’s the Squash TV recap of the finals:

Also, SquashSite posted an amazing collection of videos on their Google+ Page.

James Willstrop vs. Adrian Grant (Game 1)

Laura Massaro vs. Madeline Perry (Game 1)

Nick Matthew vs. Daryl Selby (Game 1)

Alison Waters vs. Jenny Duncalf (Game 1)

Laura Massaro vs. Sarah-Jane Perry (Full Match)

James Willstrop vs. Adrian Waller (Games 2 & 3)

Adrian Grant vs. Chris Simpson (Game 1)

And there are tons more besides. Perry vs. Whitlock. Matthew vs. Lee. Waters vs. Beddoes. Selby vs. Richards. Duncalf vs. Kippax. Waller vs. Coleman. Willstrop vs. Sharpes. Grant vs. Clyne. Simpson vs. James. Lee vs. Fallows. And then I ran out of steam linking to them.

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